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X-Men: The End Book 2 - Heroes & Martyrs Shape Changers Lost Heroes
What's New 3/19/2014
A small but nice selection of art today.  A Don Heck & Dick Giordano Flash cover, a Joe Bennett Hulk 2099 cover with Dr. Doom and the Hulk, the cover to Green Lantern #0 by Darryl Banks, the splash page to Wonder Woman #100 by Mike Deodato, a Mike Grell Spawn the Impaler page, an Al Rio Extreme Justice splash, a Bob Brown Superboy pagea Frank Springer Dazzler page and a Sheldon Moldoff Spectre pin-up.

What's New 3/12/2014
From Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger, pages from All-New X-Men #24 and the cover to #27.  Additional pages added today include a Jerry Bingham Spectre cover, a Keith Pollard Thor page, a Dale Keown Incredible Hulk page with Dr. Strange, 2 Al Milgrom West Coast Avengers pages with Moon Knight and Tigra, a Kyle Hotz Dr. Strange splash, a Steve Epting Excalibur page, a Mike Deodato Glory double-pager, a Marc Campos Justice League America double-pager, 2 Dave Perrin Uncanny X-Men pages with Bishop, a George Perez Dr. Fate pin-up from 1981a Mart Nodell Green Lantern pin-up and a Dick Ayers Ghist Rider pin-up.

What's New 3/7/2014
A Gil Kane Thor page with Thor, Loki and Fafnir the Dragon, a Mike Zeck Captain America page, a John Byrne Wonder Woman page with an early Wonder Girl appearance, 2 Tony Harris Starman pages, a Frank Springer Spider-Woman page with Spider-Man, a Mark Buckingham Dr. Strange splash, a Marc Campos Extreme Justice splash featuring Captain Atom, a Jeff Parker Solitaire cover, a Willie Peppers Protectors cover, an Andy Kuhn Adventures of the X-Men page, a Leonard Kirk Deep Space Nine page, a Denys Cowan Sable pagea Scott Rosema Harley Quinn pin-up and a Scott Rosema Batman pin-up.

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