Mike Ploog

Mike Ploog's 30+ year career has taken him, and us, through some of the richest visual projects the entertainment field has to offer. From his beginnings in animated television (Filmation and Hanna Barberra), to his work in comics (Werewolf by Night, Frankenstein, Ghost Rider, Planet of the Apes and many others), animated films (Lord of the Rings, Wizards and Shrek) to his work on over 40 live-action films including The Thing and X-Men, Mike's work has touched all of us in some shape or form.

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Planet of the Apes
Issue: 13
Page: 23

Woodman's Cottage

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Title Issue Page Price
Planet of the Apes 1323 $1,700.00
Woodman's Cottage $12,500.00
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