Spotlight Artwork

Iron Empires: Faith Conquers
Captain America (Marvel Now)
All-New Captain America
Avengers (Gillette Presents)
All-New X-Men

Artwork is Listed By the Artist's Last Name

Immonen, Stuart Empress 5 Cover $1,600.00
Immonen, Stuart All-New Captain America 6 Cover $2,000.00
Land, Greg X-Men: The End Book 2 - Heroes & Martyrs 4 Cover $1,800.00
Immonen, Stuart Empress 6 Cover $1,800.00
Land, Greg Ultimate Power 3 Cover $2,500.00
Moeller, Christopher Magic: Big Magic 2015 Shizuoka Grand Prix Art $2,500.00
Immonen, Stuart All-New X-Men 22 Cover $2,800.00
Land, Greg Incredible Hulk 14 Cover $1,600.00
Immonen, Stuart All-New X-Men 29 Cover $2,200.00
Land, Greg Mighty Avengers 13 Cover $1,800.00
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